Financial restrictions should not prevent any client from availing of the services of  Cavan Clinical Hypnotherapy, Ireland

Introductory Consultation

To discuss your presenting symptoms and problems without any obligation you can avail of an assessment consultation. This will allow the therapist gain a deeper understanding of your difficulties and the structure of the presenting symptom. Often clients ask how many sessions will it take. However that will vary as all people and their presenting symptoms are different. As a guide the number of sessions can vary as outlined below.

Therapy sessions are 1 hr duration. A fee for therapy sessions will be agreed on an individual basis, based on the sliding scale below at the initial consultation.

Assessment consultation: €70
Therapy session: €70-€90
Cancellations: On day of appt €30
day before appt €20


If the anxiety is related to relative minor events/issues than therapy may only require 3/4 sessions. However if you experience a free floating anxiety and don't know why than regressional analysis gives best results and may take 7 to 10 sessions on a weekly basis.


Mild clinical depression may require 3/4 weekly sessions. Moderate depression may require 6 to 8 sessions on a weekly basis initially and fortnightly as treatment progresses.


For clients who present with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)4 sessions of EMDR is generally required. However more complex cases may require 7-12 sessions on a weekly basis. Michael has also vast experience in the application of regressional hypno-analysis which can be very effective in finding the root cause of presenting symptoms. This treatment may require 7-10 sessions.