Healing therapy from  Cavan Clinical Hypnotherapy, Ireland

Blushing: "I'd like to thank you for your help in starting me on the road to healing"
Jen in Greystones

Weight/Confidence: "I have lost over 2 and half stone ... I owe all this good feeling to you"
Margaret in Arklow

Childhood Trauma: "Thank you for everything ... you have a very special gift.
Angela in Bray

Depression/Anxiety/Trauma: "Thank you for everything you helped me with I found it so helpful". John in Cavan.

"I was feeling low, didn't really like myself very much, yet I had lots going for me. A friend recommended Michael to me, I was a bit apprehensive but I Knew I had to do something. Michael is a very warm and welcoming professional and after a number of sessions I began to feel confident and content in myself. He gave me the tools or rather the tools I already had but didn't realise, and I will ensure I use them in my daily life. Thank you so much Michael". Signed; Teresa.

"I went to see Michael when my anxiety increased to a level that had begun to affect my everyday life. Through his help I have been better able to understand the causes of the problem and more importantly he has given me the tools to help me to overcome my fears, allowing me to live my life more fully, without the barriers of anxiety".
Signed; F Co. Cavan.

"I'm very impressed indeed ... thank you so much for your help"..enditalic Paul in Cavan.

"I found this to be a very positive experience with very positive results for me. The experience was un-intrusive and very much controlled by me. It was a relaxing experience allowing me to express myself at ease and that was non judgemental. I am now more in touch with my emotions and have a better ability to deal with them. I am much happier in my self and therefore able to view situations in a much more positive way. The skills I learned through this experience I can use on an ongoing basis. Michael Walsh himself was a warm gentle person who made me feel very comfortable. Many thanks."
Signed T.G.

"After attending a number of sessions with Michael I now view the world in a different way. I am now enjoying the loads of new and exciting opportunities which have been opened up to me. I would highly recommend this great professional service that Michael runs. Thank you Michael."
Signed; Colm, Cavan.

"Michael's approach was gentle but highly effective. EMDR allowed me to let go of past hurts in a way talk therapy had not offered me".
Signed; L. Patterson.

"I have enjoyed the experience finding it very calming and relaxing. I believe it has helped me put a lot of underlying issues from my past to bed and helped me move on with my life with confidence. My anxiety has all but disappeared since attending Michael".
Signed: Damian.

"I would like to thank Michael and EMDR therapy for restoring peace and normality to my life. I experienced a traumatic event that left me with symptoms of PTSD and anxiety. Life was very difficult and fear took over. I could not focus and found I hand a dependency on alcohol. I tried cognitive behavioural therapy but it did not work. I really needed to get well as I have a family to look after. I did some research and found a BBC radio 4 programme describing EMDR. I decided to try it. I highly recommend Michael Walsh, he has a patient and calm demeanor. I found that within weeks of EMDR I saw a great improvement. I began to return to a calmer me, with none of the negative and fearful thoughts intruding on my life. The dependency on alcohol is completely gone and I no longer drink. EMDR works and has helped me enormously, I feel like I have my life back. I highly recommend Michael Walsh and EMDR".
Signed; Elizabeth.

"Even though I would have had reservations about hypnotherapy I decided to contact Michael. I am so glad I did - it was nothing like my vision of lying on a sofa and not being aware of what I was saying. I have benefited so much from working with Michael and I am very grateful for all his help".
Signed; Nikki Cavan.

"My treatment with Michael was a huge success. In just a few short visits he helped me totally overcome my fear of flying. I would highly recommend hypnotherapy, it worked a 100% for me. I cannot thank you enough".
Signed; Alan Pickens.

"I suffered from mild anxiety and stress. I found Michael's sessions to be calm, relaxed and very positive. Michael is very approachable and will put your mind at ease. I can now look forward to the future with a positive attitude towards life"
Signed; "C" Cavan.

"I attended 8 sessions of hypnotherapy with Michael in 2016. I needed help dealing with anxiety, lack of confidence and putting some past issues from childhood and early adulthood to rest. It was truly a wonderful, calming, relaxing experience which allowed me to release my anxiety and let go of the deep rooted childhood and early adulthood issues. The most amazing thing was, through the hypnotherapy I was able to go back to my 4yr old self and give her a hug and tell her it was ok. This allowed me to let go of all of my fears and anxiety that have remained with me for such a long time. Don't underestimate what hypnotherapy can do for your mind, body and soul. I feel so much more happier, more confident and so much more positive and I can't recommend Michael highly enough. Amazing. Thank you".
Signed; M.C. Cavan.

"My mood and enjoyment of life has increased so much since attending Michael. I felt I was in a black hole but things are much brighter for me now. Thanks a lot".
Signed; John in Monaghan.

"I went for hypnotherapy for blushing which was affecting me and my confidence socially and at work. Michael helped me think about situations in a totally different way. My blushing and fear of going to blush is gone. Thanks a mil".
Signed; S. Smith CMX.

"I sought help from Michael due to my reasonably extreme fear of flying. I come from a medical background and am usually quite sceptical of any form of alternative therapy. However I found Michael to be extremely professional and knowledgeable in his field. I immediately felt at ease with him and his lovely calm nature and felt from the outset that he would be of great assistance to me ... he has given me lifelong tools and techniques that could apply to any stressful or anxiety inducing situation. I couldn't recommend Michael highly enough."
Signed; Deirdre Cavan.

Mindfulness & Meditation & Chakra Courses:

Mindfulness: I found the relaxation and mindfulness classes really great in day to day stress management..enditalic
Signed; John in Co Cavan.

Mindfulness: I was required to participate to take on a challenge to go within and see it all face to face. Unaware of the peace and quiet that was to come as the weeks progressed along. Meditation guided and thought me how to become more aware in my mind and the present moment now. I have gained great stillness within, peacefulness and comfort. I feel more energised, content, confident and at ease within myself. I have obtained more knowledge around decision making and I’ve made more plans and set more goals to achieve and fulfil. The greatest gift of all was finding freedom within my soul and the powerful heart beat in the silence of it all.
Signed; Laurna.

Mindfulness: Very concise and easy to understand introduction to mindfulness and meditation. I would highly recommend Michael and this class to anyone wanting to find useful ways and practices to reduce stress in their lives and manage everyday life in a more present and pleasant way. Signed; Aoife McCabe.

Mindfulness: Make the time for yourself, invest this time in yourself to make a happier, less stressful environment for you and the people you love.
Signed; Claire Lynch.

Mindfulness: I found the classes very beneficial for me. I suffer from panic attacks on a regular basis and I am on medication for this. From starting the classes I feel that I am able to manage stress in my life much better and as a result, I am feeling much more able to cope and my medication reduced as a result. I would highly recommend the classes with Michael.
Signed; Rachel Cavan.

Mindfulness: On the nights that I attended Michael's class I have slept so much better - More relaxed in myself.
Signed; Ruth O Reilly.

Chakra: This course was really beneficial. It really made me think twice about how I feel and how actions effect me. There is such a knock-on-effect from all factors in my life. Would highly recommend this course. Thank you Michael.
Signed; E. McPhelim.

Mindfulness: I Really enjoyed my mindfulness experience. It has taught me to slow down a little and gave me coping mechanisms during anxious/stressful situations. Thank you Michael.
Signed; E. Conaty.

Mindfulness: I found Michael's mindfulness course or great benefit to my everyday life and my ability to recognise stress levels rising. I find I am able to stop and feel anxiety rise before it takes effect on my thoughts and feelings. Michael's delivery was great and I definitely felt the benefit for days after each session. A big thank you.
Signed; Rodney Brady.

Mindfulness: I found the course very beneficial. I can now deal with stress so easy with meditation. Also sleeping a lot better at night. Everything seems to flow and life is more enjoyable. Thanks again Michael.
Signed; G. Brady.

Mindfulness: A thoroughly enjoyable course. Michael and his depth of knowledge has helped to guide me as I begin my journey into a more mindful life. I have loved the stories, the examples, the thinking points. I take lots away from this 6 week course and I look forward to continuing to work on my practice.
Signed; Marian McGuinness

Mindfulness: "I found this course very good. It' helped me to relax and live in the moment. It has helped me to deal with stress and not go back over things. What's done is done. The whole experience has been so refreshing, like an escape"
Signed; Elizabeth Kinkade.

Mindfulness: I found the mindfulness course has reduced my stress levels and I can approach difficult situations in a better way. It has made me look at life differently and has given me techniques to relax more.
Signed; Lisa.

Mindfulness: Michael is super at what he does. Fantastic course. Sorry its over. I have learnt how to relax my mind and calm myself at times when I normally get very stressed. Friends and family have noticed a remarkable change in my attitude and stress levels. Michael has taught me how to look at life in a slower more relaxed way. Meditation Really Really worked for me.

Mindfulness: A while ago I would have laughed about the idea of meditation and self awareness ... I think its a brilliant course that Michael does. He has a great way of getting through to people. Thoroughly recommend it to anyone to deal with life's ups and downs.
Signed; Tom Fitz

Mindfulness; I have thoroughly enjoyed my mindfulness sessions and can not recommend Michael highly enough. I found my job very stressful at times and balancing it with caring for my toddler (often alone as my husband works shifts) over whelming at times. Now I've learnt to take a step back and to take the me time that I deserve. Learning to meditate on the breathe has really helped me to slow down my racing mind. I have learnt coping skills through this class and am as a result a calmer happier version of me.
Signed; Lydia McGovern

Mindfulness: "Michael has a calming nature with which he delivers an informative and invaluable class aimed at improving participants overall mental health and well being".
Signed; Sharon.

Mindfulness: I found the course very relaxing. It is time for oneself. Calmness and peaceful. I would recommend it.
Signed: Kathleen Conaty.

Mindfulness: Initially I will be honest I was a little hesitant on the starting of this course. After all isn't there so much talk on mindfulness, how much does it really help or how much could a 6 week course really offer. Was it going to be a necessity to continue into more courses. However after a very quick 6 weeks and with a sadness I write this. I have gained so much in the 6 weeks. I have equipped myself with sufficient knowledge and skill to help me in the ways I need to take time for my mind and myself. I would highly recommend the classes and the wide depth of material covered to all levels. 6 weeks is both sufficient and yet I would love a lot more.
Signed; Clodagh McArdle.

Mindfulness: The course is a great benefit to life in general, a lot of thought gone into it. The recordings supplied will be lasting benefits. Michael has a special talent in the mindfulness.
Signed; Anonymous.

Mindfulness: Even though I thought the course wouldn't be of benefit to me I found it very relaxing and helped me deal with difficult situations better. Well worth giving it a go. Try it !
Signed; Damien O Reilly.

Chakra: I found the chakra meditation course very practical and beneficial. I will definitely continue to meditate on the chakras in the future.
Signed; B. Goldrick.

Mindfulness: Doing the mindfulness course helped me take time out for myself. To sit back and think about how I could take more care of myself. I take more time for hobbies, relaxation and doing the things I enjoy. When I find myself getting stressed I practise my mindfulness. I would highly recommend Michael's classes.
Signed: Kathleen Galligan.

Mindfulness; Michael has taught me skills and techniques that I can use daily to be more self aware. I would highly recommend this course. It really helped me to look inwards, to how I feel and to live in the present, not in the past or to worry about the future. I love my daily meditation and feel so much more relaxed and able to deal and respond to life's curve balls.
Signed; E. Smith.

Mindfulness; I found Michael's course to help me relax and take time for myself more, by doing some of the breathing exercises he introduced to us in the group I could take them home and use them in every day life. I am less stressed and cope a lot better in stressful situations now, where as before I would of let the situation get the better of me and lose my temper. Now a take a few moments and deep breaths and find my home calmer since starting the course. Signed; R. King

Mindfulness: I found the mindfulness and meditation course very relaxing and on the nights after attending I have had the best nights sleep !
Signed; Anita Brady.

Mindfulness: It took a while for me to get into the classes, but once I did, I was very much relaxed and a weight off my shoulders. I find myself and attitude is changing, my taking deep breaths, catching my breath, counting and starting again really helps.
Signed; J. Brady.

Chakra: Excellent course. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Signed; Aideen.

Mindfulness: "Great therapy to help you stand back from the moment you are in and analyse it".
Signed; Lorraine Smith.

Mindfulness: I found this course very interesting. I use to find it difficult to switch off and relax. However Michael has provided me with ways/techniques to do this. He made me aware of how important it is to be in the present and he helped me find ways to cope with anxiety. I would highly recommend this course.
Signed; Aoife O Neill.

Mindfulness: I found it to be the most rewarding and relaxing thing I have ever done. It's been agreat experience. I would highly recommend it for everyone.
Signed; C. Barber.

Mindfulness: Mindfulness is a course I never thought I would benefit from but how wrong I was. Open your mind to a great experience.
Signed; Felix Herlin.

Mindfulness: I feel this mindfulness class has really helped me in my everyday life. I'm now more mindful of situations for example when I'm driving I find I'm not as quick to get angry if someone pulls out in front of me. I also have more patience at home.
Signed; Lisa Halpin.

Mindfulness; Really enjoyed the course. It has taught me a more mindful way of dealing with various situations within my life. I now lead a more positive and less stressful life style thanks to the practice of meditation. Thank you Michael. Signed; Anonymous

Mindfulness; Never did anything like this before and I really enjoyed Michael's mindfulness course. Gave me an awareness of my being and also gave me tools/methods on how to deal with different situations in my everyday living.
Recommend that everyone should do at least one session.
Signed: Breige Gilsenan.

Mindfulness: I found the course very good. It helped me with day to day peace of mind in a very busy life. Time to think, me time, that there is plenty of time in each day to meet with family and friends. As before there never seemed to be any time. Thank you for your help.
Signed; B. Hough.

Mindfulness: Mindfulness is a wonderful experience it really teaches you how important it is just to take a step back and think about what you say and how you feel about yourself - life- and everyday things and how to relax. I have gained so much in my way of thinking and relaxing.
Signed; Margaret Cavan.

Mindfulness: I found this course extremely helpful and found I have been able to bring parts of it into everyday life. I feel I look at situations differently and give myself the time to assess the problem and I have begun to seek out the positive aspects of all situations. I hope I will continue to be mindful going forward and enjoy the time I spend checking in with myself.
Signed; Helen Lyttle.

Mindfulness: "I have carried a mindful approach into my daily life. It may not always be a 20 minute meditation but just a few deep breaths whenever I can. I especially found the walking meditation very interesting and it is something that will remain with me from this course".
Signed; Orla Kiernan.

Mindfulness: I found the mindfulness class to be relaxing. When I first started them I was very stressed, but after attending the classes that has changed a lot. When I find myself in a stressed situation I use the breathing exercise and it helps me. Also when I walk I use the breathing exercise. I would recommend this course to everyone.
Signed; Breege Cavan.

Mindfulness: It was very good. It was lovely. I look at things in a mindfulness way now.
Signed; Sarah Baxter.

Mindfulness: Mindfulness calms the frantic thoughts.
Signed; G.Whyte

Mindfulness: The course gave me more knowledge and a better insight into what meditation is an how it is beneficial. I learned very useful exercises how to relax my body and a technique of meditation as before I didn't know where to start. Michael is a brilliant teacher with a very gentle approach. I would recommend his course to anyone who is willing to explore their mind form a different perspective and to learn techniques how to cope with stress.
Signed; D.G.

Mindfulness: I found the mindfulness so beneficial to me. I now relax more and am not so stressed. I take every day as a bonus in my life.
Signed; Hilda Lynch.

Mindfulness: During a time of transition in my life I participated in Michael's 6 week mindfulness course. Even making the commitment to attend for me highlighted my personal need to take time for myself. I've a 2 & 3 year old at home. A very interesting course where space is made for the "me" in my very lively life. Thank you.
Signed; Niamh Kelly.

Mindfulness: I found Michael to be of a very calming influence in my anxious world - I definitely recommend the course and will be seeking other personal programs of this nature to help me lead a balanced life.
Signed; O. Dunne.

Mindfulness: I feel that by doing this course I've learned to slow down and enjoy the things around me more, rather than living in fast forward and not noticing the good things in my life.
Singed; H.Embley.

Mindfulness: I used to let things get to me, build them up in my head with anger and getting annoyed. Now it's like water of a ducks back, I think about it and move on.
Signed; Maria Quinn.

Mindfulness: Michael provides a relaxed welcoming environment for his classes. His manner is gentle and guidance clear and informative. Follow up texts and MP3 were very helpful with continued practice between classes.
Signed; S. Payne.

Mindfulness: I found the course so relaxing. It was complete "me time". Really helped me relax and taught me tools to help me meditate and deal with emotions. I am sad it's over, I'd love another 6 weeks !. It helped me deal with supressed emotions regarding grief. Would definitely do it again.
Singed; Aideen Fay.

Mindfulness: This course made me more self aware of my breathing especially and how to use it to aid my mind. The meditations were extremely beneficial in classes, especially after a stressful day teaching.
Signed; Emma McPhelim.

Mindfulness: I found Michael's mindfulness course wonderfully helpful and it really helped me through a particularly difficult, stressful time at work. I can better manage work situations and I find I don't take them with me when I go home. I would really like to build the techniques into the normal routine of my daily life. Thank you Michael.
Signed; G. Lynch.

Mindfulness: An excellent course to introduce you into the mindfulness and meditation way of life. After only 6 weeks I can feel a huge change in the way I think and as a result of this thinking, the way I feel. I am a lot more patient and a lot more relaxed in general. Well worth the effort.
Signed; Brenda G.